News - Data Serve - Sam 1 (17)
A Day to Serve Inspires WHS Students to Help Others

News - Data Serve - Sam 1 (17)

by Sam Newman

For Governor’s Martin O’Malley Day to Serve, Barry Burch’s agriculture science class went to the Walkersville Elementary School to read stories to kids in kindergarten.

Susan Fabisch said that “This day is an annual event that transcends politics and religious differences… to recognize the connections between the health of our people, the health of our land, water and air, and the importance of taking action in something bigger than ourselves.”

His students were given a golden opportunity to bond with the youth of Walkersville.

My favorite part of reading was bonding with the kid I partnered up with, Jocelen. When I asked the other readers what their favorite part of the day was they liked multiple aspects of the day.

Junior Will Johnston along with senior Amanda Holland said “The apples we got at the end” were their favorite parts of the day.

Senior Garrett Kline said “Being with the kids was my favorite part.”

Junior Hope Reid said “Getting with the kids” to read to them was her favorite part.

I was also able to talk to a few kindergarteners about the experience and what their favorite part was

Jocelen said her favorite part was “The stories and the readers.”

Cooper said his favorite part was “The books.”

Makayla said her favorite part was “The tasty apples afterwards.”

For the Day to Serve, Fabisch’s biology class helped straighten and clean the wildflower patch.

This day is a day for communities all over to join together, to help strengthen and better the health of our people, the health of our land, water and air, and the community itself as a whole.