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Beyonce and Jay-Z Having Another Baby?

by Kaitlyn CulpepperFeatures Beyonce Pregnancy Rumor Kaitlyn

Rumors have been circulating in the past week that Beyoncé is pregnant, but whether it’s true or not, it sounds like her and Jay-Z do plan to have another ‘bey-by!’

 It all started at the concert September 9th, part of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s On the Run tour in Paris. Jay-Z was performing “Beach is Better” and supposedly changed the lyric “I replace it with another one” to “‘Cause she pregnant with another one,” according to People magazine. An Instagram post has an alleged recording from the concert, but without clear auditory proof no one can be sure if he really did change the lyric.

 Even though the supposed lyric swap could have been the product of wishful thinking from a fan in the audience, reporters still picked up the hearsay and the internet was buzzing Saturday with speculation. A picture was spreading of Beyoncé holding her stomach from when she was in Spain recently, and being called additional evidence. Then another photo was taken of her on Monday the 15th where she was holding a clutch in front of her stomach-a possibly teasing of the tabloids or a simple coincidence.

 Beyoncé shared the news about her first pregnancy on the red carpet at the 2011 VMAs, so it would be fitting for her to announce a second one on stage while on tour. The celebrity couple would not give a response to People’s questions about the pregnancy though. A picture of the two drinking what appears to be celebratory champagne from the 17th does imply that the rumor is not true. In fact, they’re making a habit of setting records straight through photos instead of making statements to the public.

 Even if there is no baby on the way, how Jay-Z and Beyoncé have been acting while on tour together is, at least, contrary to the gossip about them considering divorce. At the end of one of their concerts together in Paris, they told the crowd that the city is “special to us because we got engaged here and this is where baby Blue was conceived.”  The two were acting especially affectionate towards one another.

 “I’m your biggest fan. I love you,” Beyoncé said as she stared into Jay’s eyes.

 He then said that she is the “greatest entertainer in the world. I love her. She’s my wife.” (nydailynews.com.)