features - graph-becky
Fall Fashion at WHS

features - graph-beckyby Becky Brown

 Every season brings new fashion trends to the students of Walkersville. From floral print to maxi skirts, you had all summer to decide which trend you wanted to rock this year!

For the past week, I asked all girls which trend was their favorite. They had to choose between four clothing items that were all very popular this past summer, maxi skirts, high-waisted shorts, crop tops, and floral print. The following graph shows the percentage of each item chosen.

 “I can make a really fashionable outfit with high-waisted shorts,” said  freshman, Eikaiva Boyer.

 “Floral print is pretty to look at and it reminds me of summer,” said junior, Mikayla Miley.

“I love all the different colors and prints, it’s really light and airy,” said junior, Reva Pettaway.