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Remember, Upperclassmen, You Were a Frosh Once Too

features - Nadasia froshby Nadasia Pettaway

Remember when you were a freshman. You were scared weren’t you? As you’re becoming 10th, 11th and 12th graders, what do you think the freshmen think about their first day in high school?

As the first day arrives, I asked a freshman girl what is her most favorite and least favorite part about high school so far. Lunch was there most and math was their least.

As summer ends, you may have learned a lot. I asked 9th graders what they learned this summer and got a couple of answers. One said “they learned about friendship and how it will follow them as they continue to go back to school.” Another said “they learn how high school is going to be a bit too much work.”

But what about what they missed about middle school? Freshman Kayla Flanary spoken that what she misses about middle school is not being separated with her classmates. In high school they’re all over the building.

It’s great that a lot of people learned a lot this summer and it can be hard to know things in high school if it’s your first year; we asked the freshies one thing they knew about high school before they even came in. It was hard for some of the students to answer but the easy thing they said what they knew were some of the students in the school. Remember you guys were in middle school with them too. So they probably recognize a lot of us.

As the year will continue for class of 2018 there could be a huge difference between middle school and high school. Flanary answered how classes and homework is the biggest change, explaining that there are more classes and homework then there was in middle school.

Our freshies have different feelings about high school so far. And even thought it was the first day of school class of 2018 will go on.