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Where Would You Go If You Could Go Anywhere In the World?

feature -Anywhere In the World, featureby Tori Caulfield

The world is a huge place with a huge opportunity to see new places and see what other life is out there. Some students from WHS share where they would like to go if they got the awesome opportunity to go absolutely anywhere they desire in the entire world.

“I would go to Paris for sure because it’s just a beautiful city and it’s just the cultural capital of the world.” says junior Christopher Copen. Copen shared he has wanted to go to Paris for a very long time as of now. “ As I’ve grown up I’ve wanted to go more cause when I was little all I wanted to go to was Disney World, but times have changed.” said Copen. Copen says he hopes to go when he’s in college and would not prefer to travel there all by himself. “ I could probably spend the rest of my life there if I got the chance to go.” said Copen.

“Germany because it’s awesome and I love Germany.” said junior Joseph Engle. Engle was very intrigued by his mother’s story about how she lived there for six months with her cousins after she had graduated high school, so he wanted to visit it himself. “I would really like to go after I get out of college if I get the chance to,”said Engle.

“Well, in all honesty, I’d just wanna go to Australia so I could kidnap a kangaroo.” said junior Katy Frazier. Frazie
r’s had this idea for about a year now and has loved to joke around about it. “My sister and I have this inside joke about going and we joke around about it a lot.” said Frazier. Frazier hopes to attend for not only the kangaroo, but for the beautiful venues Australia could have to offer. “ I like it; it looks extremely gorgeous and I hope to go when I turn 18.” said Frazier.

“St. Petersburg in Russia.” said junior Cara Netzer. Netzer shared she really wanted to go because of all the cool buildings to see and loves the educational background behind it. “It was the city that Peter The Great founded so I think that’s pretty cool.” said Netzer. Netzer hopes to go after high school and share the experience with both her friends and family.