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Puking Pumpkins Explode at Walkersville High!

by Mollie Greennews - puking punkins 1

Someone call the nurse! There are pumpkins puking… Everywhere!

Today in first period, Stacy Bureau who is a chemistry teacher at Walkersville High School had her students carve pumpkins and create foam in which represented “puke.”

Bureau has been doing this ever since she came to Walkersville which was four years ago. I asked Bureau if she enjoys doing this with the kids and she said, “Yeah, its fun! It’s a good application of chemical reactions and it’s festive!”

So you may be wondering, what is that coming out of the pumpkins mouth? It’s puke! Well… kind of. In order to make this foam, you use 50mL of hydrogen peroxide, 10mL of potassium iodide, and regular dish soap. Read More