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The Origins of Lumberjack Day — Thank Paul Daly!

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by Jon Shorrow

Lumberjack day is a student led spirit day consisting of wearing suspenders and flannel while eating pancakes.

Over the years lumberjack day has evolved into what it is today but how did it start?

Approximately 8-12 years ago a student named Luke Milyard had the bright idea to dress up with friends as lumberjacks for fun for Paul Daly’s class. It was an in class joke about how Daly looked like a lumberjack with his beard.

“Basically they thought it was funny to dress me in flannel and bring pancakes and syrup.” Daly says.

Daly went on about how it progressively got better throughout the years starting from just Luke’s friends to throughout the school. As time went on teachers got involved such as math teacher Mark Cronk bringing in pancakes for students.

It is also believed by many staff and students that the last day of the week before spirit week would be lumberjack day, to easily remember what day lumberjack day is.

As time went on though people forgot the true meaning and origin of lumberjack day. So just remember have fun, be safe, and don’t spoil lumberjack day for everyone else.