Use the Scary Movies to Help Prank Your Friends This Halloween

by Grainne McCormickphoto (5)

Halloween isn’t just a time for spookiness, candy and pumpkins. It’s a time where you can learn from all of those scary movies you’ve been watching while downing two bags of Kit Kats, and put it to use for some good Halloween humor.

If you and your friends have seen The Conjuring, this prank is the one for you.

The film has a clapping scene which makes everybody jump. Here’s what you do: get a group of friends and pick one to prank on. Once you’ve chosen the person, get everybody else together to create the plan. The plan is to get that one person in a room alone for at least one minute, and then everyone else has to turn off all lights of the house. Then, make sure everybody is in different hiding spots around the house.

Everything must be pitch black. Once the person is wondering why everything is dark and where everybody went, they’ll start to get spooked. This is where the clapping comes in. Everybody starts clapping, starting off slow, then leading up to a fast, super loud clap. Once the person is extremely scared, maybe to the point of running and screaming, then everyone can pop out of their hiding spots and have a good laugh. They might not forgive you immediately, but it’s worth the fun.

Another prank is from the classic Scream movies. Choose a night to hang out with your friends but then cancel on them last minute. While they’re sitting at their house, now bored because you can’t show up, randomly make an appearance in a window of their house. Just stand there—make sure you’re wearing the scream mask and black hood—and wait for somebody to notice.

Once they do, they will be terrified. If they don’t immediately notice it’s you, keep the joke going for as long as you can! Bang on the doors for a little bit, do a scary laugh—anything. Just make sure it scares them! All in good fun.

Those are just two pranks based off of movies that you can do around Halloween. You can use ideas from movies to create your pranks, or make your own! As long as you give your friends a good spook it works. Plus, if you can, get it on video! Those will be some funny moments to look back and laugh on.

Happy Halloween!