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WHS Gym Reopening Ceremony Tonight at 5:30 p.m.

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by Cate Tauriello

Walkersville High School has a new gym! This past summer, the bleachers and floors were replaced with blue and gold seats, and the color of the wood on the floor is a lighter shade as well.

Principal of WHS Tracey Franklin says, “It was a collective decision. It was the athletic director, it was the administrative team. We spent hours as a committee for the bleacher design and the paint color and the overall layout. It definitely wasn’t one person’s decision for everything.”

On October 23rd, the volleyball team will host their first and last home game in the newly renovated space. Gym teacher Joe Polce said his strength training classes weren’t directly affected, but also says, “It looks great, I think they [the renovators] did a great job.”

When asked about how his students were affected by the change in setting of class, gym teacher Lee Palmer says “They were surprisingly good with it. We were really lucky we had great weather. I think we only got two days of rain. It wasn’t super hot and it wasn’t super cold. They were troopers; they did what they were supposed to do.”

As for what the students did outside, “The same stuff [that they would’ve done inside]. It was only a different setting; we’d modify it a little bit if we had to. And this is hard to believe, but phys ed used to be outside all the time back in the day. Now our kids are a little bit more spoiled. They did fine with it though. It’s actually a little better outside because we had more space.”

The gym opens at 5:30pm for the volleyball game but if you get there beforehand, you are granted free entrance!!