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Missouri Student Wants To Start a “Revolyoution”

news - revolyoution - gmac

by Grainne McCormick

“I’m about to make a difference,” smiles Matty Hurtado, eleventh grade high school student from Smithville, Missouri. “I’m starting a column on my school’s journalism blog about kids that are different than the local stereotype. It’s going to be about individuals who embrace themselves. Also, along with the column, I want to start a club that does the same thing but the main goal is going to be to make our school a more open community and a place where kids can feel comfortable being themselves.”

Hurtado has big plans for this amazing idea. He says he wants it to spread to other schools, along with it becoming its own organization.

“I want to call it ‘Revolyoution.’ Kids need to know that every single quirk they have makes them all the more special. Perfection is unattainable,” he says, “unless of course you redefine perfection. People’s idea of perfection to me is a lot like taste buds… Not everyone has the same taste in food and not everyone is going to think the same things are perfect.”

Hurtado has not always been this motivated and driven to change the lives of others. Like every human being, he had a time where things weren’t going well for him.

“Two years ago I was in a very dark place, and now I’m trying to change the world for kids everywhere.  Not everyone is going to be as lucky as I was to be able to do a complete turn around. I want to be able to give this gift of self discovery to everyone. People deserve to know that they’re worthy of their thoughts and their voice does matter. Above all, what you should consider perfect is yourself. Look in the mirror and take it all in. Your fly aways, your crooked smile, your uneven eyes, any feature you think is too big or too small. Embrace it for all that it is because in the end it’s what makes you, you. And ‘you’ are the most beautiful thing on Earth.”

When Hurtado officially gets his club up and running he is going to try to spread it to other schools. With his influence and want for change, it could create an amazing impact on places other than Missouri. Continue to check out the site for more updates on Matty Hurtado’s ‘Revolyoution.’