Features - Nightcrawler
Nightcrawler a Thrilling Action Film

Features - Nightcrawler

by Ricky Kellerman

The film Nightcrawler is based off of the comic book superhero in the Marvel Universe that has superhuman agility, can teleport across short or long distances, and has adhesive hands and feet.

The main character, Louis Bloom, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, is something of a loner who is unemployed and ekes out a living stealing and reselling copper wire, fencing, and most anything that he can get his hands on. He then moves into the high-speed world of L.A crime journalism, in which he becomes an observer and a participant to the star of his own story.

IMDb rates this film at an 8.3/10 for its action-packed scenes and thrilling tension throughout the film. It was also given a 76/100 by metacritic.com and a 94% by rottentomatoes.com.

This movie was rated so highly because of the quality of the acting from the main character, Gyllenhaal, and the thrilling action that the movie consisted of throughout. I recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a good film that keeps you on your toes.