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Remember to Be Thankful On This Holiday

features - shamus - turkey

by Shamus Beck


Every year we realize something else that has changed us and made us a better person. It’s something to be thankful for and we need to go back and think about those things that have changed us. Jamie Cooper said “I’m thankful for science” when asked what he was thankful for this year.


Dictionary.com  says the definition of thankful is feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative. I think that this holiday is a great way to start the winter holiday season because it’s called Thanksgiving. The day is all about being thankful and remembering what we have and what we have lost. Savannah Koontz said “I’m thankful for my friends and families”


Everyday we learn of more and more things that we need to be thankful for. I know when there was the Ebola outbreak a lot of people were thankful that they didn’t contract the disease and their families were all healthy. Ian Covert said “ I’m thankful to be able to be spending time with my family from Ohio”

So on the third Thursday of November every year remember what you have to be thankful for.