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Thanksgiving Means Great Football Games

sports - Thanksgiving2football


by Sam Newman

It’s now that time again, Thanksgiving football. A tradition that has been going on since 1934.Three games will be played and their outcomes very well might change the playoffs.

The first game is the Chicago Bears (5-6) going to the divisional rival Detroit Lions (7-4). This game starts at 12:30pm and helps start the day off right. This game will be close for a while but the Lions will pull away and win by six. The Lions will win with their defensive strength and the deadly combo of Calvin Johnson Jr. and Golden Tate III.

Matt Forte will have to try and carry the Bears, and he will, but a costly Jay Cutler turnover will cost them the game and a playoff appearance. The game will be very low scoring, with a few big plays, a turnover here and there, and a mix of conservative play. The final score of this game will be Bears-17 Lions-23.

The next game comes on at 4:30 and puts the Dallas Cowboys (8-3) and the Philadelphia Eagles (8-3) against each other. The winner of this game will take sole possession of the NFC East.  This game will be a complete opposite of the first game played. Two high octane offenses and one stellar special teams (Eagles) will be playing each other.

DeMarco Murray and Dez Byrant will help carry the workload for the Cowboys. This won’t be enough though because the Eagles are playing some of the best football in the league. With the two-headed beast in the backfield (LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles) the Eagles will run the Cowboys defense into the ground. With the help of their superb special teams the Eagles will come up on top by thirteen. The final score will be Eagles-40 Cowboys-27.

The third and final game of Thanksgiving Day will be the Seattle Seahawks (7-4) and the San Francisco 49ers (7-4). This will be the Seahawks first game in the Niners new stadium (Levi Stadium). The Seahawks come into this game with a minor disadvantage. They have not beat San Francisco at home since 2008(Sports Center).

This game will be the most physical of the three with two respectable power-backs (Marshawn Lynch (Sea) and Frank Gore (SF)) going against two solid run defenses. Since the Seahawks don’t have any respectable receivers the Niners will focus on shutting down Lynch. The Legion of Boom (Sea) will put too much effort into shutting down Anquan Boldin and it will leave opportunities for Stevie Johnson and Michael Crabtree.  The Niners will win this game by three points. The final score will be Seahawks-27 49ers-30.