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The Internet Trends Starter Pack!

by Grainne McCormickfeatures - internet jokes - GMAc

Chances are if you scroll through your twitter feed right now, you’re going to see at least one of the following jokes:

  •         About a week ago
  •         Or nah
  •         Eyebrows on fleek
  •         Shout out to all the pear
  •         The _____ Starter Pack
  •         Where dey at doe
  •         21
  •         0-100 real quick
  •         Mixtape is fire
  •         When (insert rappers name here) said.
  •         Jcysjoaeirueoiw beginninnnnnnn’ –young thug ft. rich homie quan

All of the above are the current internet trends ,especially from Vine and Twitter.

What are some of Walkersville High School’s favorite trends?

“My favorite is probably ‘Where dey at doe’. It’s from a Vine of T.I. It’s funny because you can say it with a lot of things,” says junior Bruce Ilanga.

Kyle Bilder, junior, says that the ‘About a week ago’ is his favorite. It’s a lyric from a song by Bobby Shmurda, and people often use it when they’re literally talking about something that happened a week ago. “It’s a really catchy song and it’s always stuck in my head,” says Bilder.

“Shout out to all the pear is hilarious,” laughs Austin Kirkwood, junior. “My dad and I like Rick Ross so it’s funny.” The phrase ‘shout out to all the pear’ is from a Vine of Rick Ross where he’s talking about losing weight and how he’s eating more fruits, and instead of saying ‘shout out to all the pears’  he says ‘pear.’

“’Or Nah’ is the best, because you can use it in normal everyday responses,” says senior Mallory Donahughe. ‘Or Nah’ is another joke from vine, where a guy is singing “You got a bae, or nah?” It instantly became a hit among teenagers all over the internet.

“Shout out to all the pear is my favorite too,” says sophomore Jaxon Harris.

Freshman David Buriss says “the Vine where the little kid is asked what 9+10 is and he says ‘21’ is so funny!”

Good ‘ol Mrs. Stelma says that she likes the term ‘YOLO’, (you only live once), but that her all-time favorite is ‘Aint nobody got time for that!’ video. “It’s a classic! It gets me every time!”

“The ‘0-100’ joke is funny because it can have multiple meanings, you can say it for many different situations,” says senior Maia Harper. 0-100 is something you can say when somebody goes from, for example, being very calm (a 0) to being really angry (100). You can also use it, this being more typical, for showing a transformation. People use pictures from their childhood where they probably looked very different, and then a picture of them presently and say “Went from 0-100 real quick!” as the caption.

All of those internet trends can easily be found by logging onto Twitter and searching them in the search bar. Thousands of tweets will come up for each, so if you’re planning on looking at all of the trends, it’s going to be a while!