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Walkersville Hockey Team Begins Season with Second Place in Tournament

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by Taylor McClelland

The Walkersville Lion’s hockey team fought hard during their first tournament of the season. They came in second overall.

Despite being down a couple players for the first game of the tournament, they came together to win 7-2. Zach Glorioso, captain,, was on the ice for a long 85 minutes against Damascus.

The Lion’s moved on to the second round against the St. Mark’s Spartans. The first goal was made in the second period by Garret Abrecht. However, the Spartans quickly challenged the Lion’s defense and scored tying up the game at the end of the second period.

Injury struck during the third period when an opposing player was rammed into the wall. The crowd waited in anticipation to see if the Spartan player would get back up. The clock was stopped at 4:14 when the ambulance rescued the injured player.

After the injured player was taken off the ice, the game resumed. The game ended in a tie with the final score being 2-2.

The Lion’s went on to their third game of the tournament in hopes of making it to the championship. The first goal of the third game was made by Matt Miller, one of the top scorers, in the second period. Then, with 56.1 seconds left in the second period the opposing team, Poolesville, tied up the game.

However, Abrecht quickly skated towards the goal and scored in the last 20 seconds of the second period. The finale score of the third game was 2-2. The Lion’s would go on to the championship game against Poolesville.

Many of the goals made by Miller, Kevin Anderson and Glorioso happened right after each other. This gave the team hope of a comeback. However, after a long fight, Poolesville won with the final score being 5-3.