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Why I Think President Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration Is Wrong

opinion -immigration picture) (Adam) (News)

by Adam Hostetter

President Barrack Obama will sign into existence an executive order that will relieve about half of the nation’s immigrants from deportation. This action will bypass congress, giving the nation’s sole elected law makers absolutely no input on the matter.

This immigration executive order is an overhaul and is going to affect many Americans. This order, signed in on Friday, will delay the deportation of millions of aliens. These millions include illegal immigrants whose kids were born in the U.S., legal permanent residents who have lived here for more than five years and young people were brought to the states since 2010. This order will give illegals a three year work permit and grant them a social security card.

This is only the first step in Obama’s immigration plan. He says he has plans to work with congress for more change in our immigration system.

All of these could sound like good changes to you, but here is why they can be deadly to the U.S. economy:


  • Taxes- Immigrants do not pay income taxes. Let’s do some math:



11,700,000 (immigrants in America)     $315,900,000,000 (immigrant revenue)


x   $27,000 (average income)                  x   .115 (median quintile income tax rate/100)


$315,900,000,000 $36,328,500,000


So consequently immigrants do not pay $36 billion in tax dollars. But the problem is not only that immigrants do not pay taxes, it is that they actually spend our tax money by living here illegally. With all the benefits and social programs in place under the liberal Obama administration, each legal American household pays $1,117 due to illegal immigrants.


  • Jobs- Millions of illegal immigrants take away job opportunities from hard working, tax paying, Americans. Businesses seek immigrants because they can provide them with cheaper labor. For every 100 illegal immigrants, 65 Americans are displaced. With an already high unemployment rate, we don’t need illegal immigrants to exacerbate this problem.




  • Crime- Illegal immigrants constitute for nearly 25% of the federal prison population. Since the illegal immigrants contribute 5% percent of the U.S. population, this means that this 5% commits 25% of the crime in of all of the U.S. While it is completely unfair to say that all illegal immigrants commit crimes and are ill-willed towards America in general, it is fair to implore that we do something to prevent the ones who do.


Why are we supporting people that do not want to follow the correct standard of procedures that one must follow to become a citizen in this country?

I will concede that many illegal immigrants work much harder and longer than many Americans today. And you must have compassion for those who have no better option than to immigrate into the U.S., but does this mean we altogether ignore the law. This is not true for any other law, so why for immigration?

Some argue that we don’t guard our borders sufficiently and it allows for immigrants to enter into the United States. Under this logic, they say that the immigrants should be pardoned and not deported. Also, they have families and we shouldn’t uproot their lives.

I disagree with this.

In the court of law people don’t pardon criminals of punishment because they have families-a law is a law. Disobeying the law should be grounds for the just punishment, in this case deportation. Let me conclude with an analogy:

Imagine you are a homeowner. One night while you are away and you leave your window open. Someone then enters your house illegally. This is against the law; they have broken and entered your house. If you came back home to see someone living in your house, what would you do? You would kick them out or maybe even call the police, right? But under this other logic, since you left your window open you are at fault for the crime and therefore should pardon them from deportation. It is your fault for leaving the window open, but it is still 100% illegal to enter someone’s house unlawfully.

Source: http://www.citizensforlaws.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=76&Itemid=101