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Workers Should Not Have to Work on Thanksgiving Day

opinions - cate gray thursday

by Cate Tauriello

It seems like every year, stores open earlier and earlier for Black Friday deals. Last year, Kohl’s opened at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day. But with all these stores opening for Black Friday, and not even on a Friday, workers and shoppers alike are taking away time from the table with family or the TV with football.

This year, Staten Island Mall is set to open at 6pm, with various JCPenneys, Best Buy, and Toys ‘R’ Us stores opening at 5pm. This is highly unfair to workers. If a worker is supposed to be spending time with his family, they have to plan their day around getting to work by planning when to have Thanksgiving dinner, or even catch the first few minutes of the football game. Thanksgiving is one of the only times out of the year that people get to gather together and eat a feast.

Families don’t get fair treatment either. For families who build the dinner for everyone at the table, they have to work around the schedule to make sure the employee gets to work on time. And when they leave for work, it’s almost like a piece of the puzzle is missing when everyone but the one person working in preparation for Black Friday is in the room.

And when someone goes out to stores on Thanksgiving night, it’s only adding to the problem. It’s almost as if people don’t care about what the employee could be doing instead of ringing up items on the cash register and dealing with maxed out credit cards. If everyone stayed home until at least midnight of Black Friday, maybe employees could stay home a little later and enjoy an extra slice of pecan pie with the family.

Black Friday deals are amazing and should be taken advantage of. It’s the one time of the year where stores are at one of their lowest prices. But shouldn’t it all be done on Black Friday?