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Maryland Gang Sweatshirts Bringing the State Together

by Nadasia Pettaway

Have you heard about the Maryland gang sweaters? Do you see a lot of people from our school and everywhere else wearing them? It’s not really a gang. It’s actually ways to represent everyone that lives in Maryland and remind us that were all in situations or troubles together.

Maryland gang sweaters are selling like crazy. They cost $20 and they have it in blue, grey, white, red and black. On the sweaters it’s our state space with the sign Maryland gang. Some think it’s a great idea to make everyone join together and just be happy. Other thinks that it’s a bad idea because it can lead to other things.

I talked to a few kids from our school to see what they think about the sweaters.

Nyjee Burgess, a 10th grader here quotes “I have four pairs of them. Two in blue and two in black. They match my outfit and the design on it is cool.”

Savon Thomas tells us “I am going to get one because it’s fresh and who wouldn’t want a Maryland gang sweater? It’s also a good message behind it too.”

“I think they’re really cool and since the winter is hitting its very cozy around this time plus it’s a piece of clothing so it can match anything” Alexis Barber says

Even though a lot of people love the idea, others think it’s stupid.

Audrey Brown says “people should wear whatever they want but it looks weird everyone matching; I can’t tell the difference between twins and it’s just another piece of clothing.”

Maryland gang sweaters are selling like crazy. At the end of the day it’s all about getting together and stopping violence, drama and crimes.