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MLB’s Hot Stove Boils Over

by Adam Hostetter

In the wake of World Series excitement, a new eagerness irks players, fans, and GMs everywhere. With teams stalking the rumor mills and begging for contracts, some teams will come up winners and some will suffer huge losses.


The clear winners:

The Cubs:

One obvious winner is the Chicago Cubs. This team has transacted its way into adding Jon Lester (SP), Jason Hammel (SP), and lefty catcher Miguel Montero. Could there finally be reasonable speculation towards the Cubs breaking the, now, 106-year old curse that haunts them? Yes, that’s right; 106 years have passed since the Cubs have taken home the Series. Cubs fans everywhere are hoping that this team finally has the legs to make a deep run into the playoffs this year.

The Bean Town Boys:

Boston is also a benefactor of this winter off-season. The Red Sox acquired not only Hanley Ramirez (SS), but also Pablo Sandoval (3B) with respective four and five year deals. This will desperately help shore-up the weaknesses that the Sox have been having in the infield and through the power portion of their lineup. But with losing Lester, the Sox will need to deal to get another arm to replace Lester’s.

The obvious losers include:

The Birds:

The Baltimore faithful are being left faithless this offseason. The O’s were stripped of Nelson Cruz (DH), the prized highest home run hitter of this season, who got dealt to the Mariners. Cruz signed a 7 year, $100M contract. And good ol’ Nick Markakis (RF) was acquired by the Braves. Nick will be a tremendous lost to the O’s outfield. Nick always got on base and had a cannon for an arm. This year might not bode well for the boys in black and orange.

The Bay Area:

San Francisco may have won the World Series this year but they certainly did not come up victorious this offseason. Losing Sandoval is a crucial loss for this Giants club. He had a reliable production of power that he added to San Fran’s lineup. This loss will not go unnoticed come this spring.

Free Agents that are still outstanding:

Player/Position: Former Team:

Max Scherzer, SP DET

James Shields, SP KC

Asdrubal Cabrera, IF WSH

Chase Headley, 3B NYY

Ervin Santana, SP ATL