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Oregon’s Marcus Mariota Wins Heisman Trophy

by Sam Newman

The Heisman winner was announced on Saturday December 13th.  The winner of this esteemed college football award went to the quarterback for Oregon, Marcus Mariota.

Here is a chart (from on how the voting went.

Player                    Total votes     1st place votes

  1. Marcus Mariota 2,534 788
  2. Melvin Gordon 1,250 37
  3. Amari Cooper 1,023 49
  4. Trevone Boykin 218 8
  5. J.T. Barrett            78 0
  6. Jameis Winston 51 4
  7. Tevin Coleman 44 2
  8. Dak Prescott 42 2
  9. Scooby Wright III 21 0
  10. Bryce Petty 13 1

Earlier in the year I had made a prediction on the top five contenders for the Heisman.( I got three people right. At the time I had Mariota winning it, Gordon getting fourth, and Winston getting an honorable mention. Those names appeared on this chart and I got 2/3 of them right, when it came to what place they got.

Mariota was the clear winner and Gordon’s season went unexpectedly well and got him second. Even though Winston’s team is undefeated his stats and how he played digressed week after week.

Stats for the top three (from

Marcus Mariota: 3783 passing yards, 38 touchdowns, two INT’s, 669 rushing yards (5.7 YPC), and 14 rushing touchdowns

Melvin Gordon: 2336 rushing yards (7.6 YPC), 26 rushing touchdowns, 151 receiving yards (8.9 YPC), and three receiving touchdowns

Amari Cooper: 1656 receiving yards (14.4 YPC), and 14 receiving touchdowns

There wasn’t a lot of competition for Mariota. Cooper had an amazing year at wide receiver but it was nowhere near the year Mariota had. Gordon showed that he is a force in the backfield to be reckoned with and might be one the best prospects in college football.  Gordon and Cooper were Mariota’s only competition and they played on a high level, but Mariota played on a greater level. Mariota showed he can dominate on the ground or in the air. This gave him the upper-hand in the Heisman race and helped him win it.

Side note- Mariota is the first player from Oregon to win a Heisman trophy.