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Seniors Practice Interviewing for Future Job Possibilities

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by Cate Tauriello

On December 3rd, seniors at Walkersville High School had mock interviews with various employers and teachers in the area.

It’s always a little tough to decide what to wear, whether you go by your English teacher’s standards or maybe take some advice from your mom. Tyray Ngoh said “I decided to dress formal yet wanted to add a little of my own taste. I tried on plenty of dress pants, but I chose jogger pants because I’m more towards the slim and tall side, so untampered dress pants usually don’t fit me well.”

For Ngoh’s shirt choice, “I went with the casual look. A white button down with gray stripes under a gray cardigan, I personally love gray on white and those two colors match very well with navy.” Ngoh’s tie and shoes were a sleek navy blue.

“I think interviewees definitely need confidence, ” said Deputy Teresa Holland when asked about what qualifications are needed for a standard job. The interviews were to prepare seniors for other interviews in the future for jobs. Employers often look for well-rounded students. If you’re not a senior, now is a good time to broaden your horizons! Try new sports or get involved in a club you wouldn’t normally be in.

Wilson Yoingco was interviewed by Laura Oswald of the English department. He said, “It wasn’t as intimidating. It felt natural and I felt comfortable with all the questions she [Oswald] asked me.”

In the end, senior interviews are nothing to be worried about. Whether you have yours next semester or you won’t have it in the next four years, always look professional and have confidence.