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The SAT Test Should Not Determine Our Future

by Miranda Secula

SATs are something every high school knows far too well. The pressure to get a good score is higher than ever for seniors as they try to get accepted into their top schools. Libraries even have their own sections dedicated just to SAT studying books. But are the SATs really a test of intelligence or just a test of how well you can take a test?

Here’s what students at Walkersville High School have to say.

Senior Sarah McDonald said “Grades in a class should show more than testing.”

Senior Hannah Hellmuth said “They only test your ability to regurgitate information not real world things. My score on the SAT test doesn’t reflect my intelligence.”

Senior Emily Zimmerman said “I feel like some of the stuff on the test doesn’t have to do with what you do in the future.”

Senior Dino Vergura said “They’re a test of your endurance.”

The SATs are not a true test of how intelligent or how hard of a worker you are. You can slack off during high school and get a fantastic score on the SATs if you know how to take a test. Simple as that.

Seniors are stressed more than ever at this time of year in particular trying to get into their dream colleges. Unfortunately most colleges due look at the SATs seriously and for me personally, that means it’s harder for me to get accepted. My grades are awesome but the SATs not so much.

CollegeBoard is making a ton of money off of a test that isn’t necessarily fair. It’s a scam really but it’s necessary for whatever reason, if you do intend on going to college. It’s all about making it through the test even though it may not show accurate results. Just powering through and hoping that everything else will fall into place.