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American Sniper a Story of a Famous Navy Seal

by Jon Shorrow

American Sniper follows the stories told by Navy Seal vet Chris Kyle in his autobiography. It follows his ups and downs while being a Navy seal and what he had to do while in Iraq.

“I thought it was a good movie. I read the book and they didn’t fully represent it but they did portray his feelings and struggles really well” said Quinn Cavanagh.

It starts off with Kyle being in a rodeo and his life as a cowboy down in Texas. He and his brother are great pals and it shows how they grew up in the Bible belt. As he arrives home, he finds his girlfriend cheating on him and he then kicks her out.

“It was a great movie and anyone who says he isn’t a hero is a dumbo-wumbo” said Caleb Engle.

He proceeds to go to the bar after seeing his girlfriend cheat on him and sees a news story about terrorists. He then decides that he and his brother will join the Navy Seals. He goes through basic training and has a rough time, but doesn’t give up and is determined to help his country.

“It’s the greatest movie I’ve ever seen” said Joey Edwards

I would rate it a 9/10 and would definitely recommend it to everyone. This was a great display of American patriotism and is a must watch for 2015.