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Freshman Reflect On Their First Semester of High School

by Tori Caulfield

As the first semester of the 2014/2015 school year comes to an end, we should take the time to communicate with some students from this year’s freshman class about their reflections on their very first semester of high school. What did they like about it? What did they not like about it? How big of a change was it from middle school?

“High school teachers give more freedom and independence,” said freshman Jacob Hong. Hong also shared he enjoys having the opportunity to meet new people of different ages most about high school. Hong enjoys his classes a lot more than he did when he was in middle school.

“My first semester was good, I had more independence and my teachers weren’t just your typical ‘teacher’ — they were like friends to their students,” said freshman David Burriss. Burriss also shared he appreciates the higher amount of respect he got from teachers as well. Meeting new people who were different ages were was Burris’ favorite part about now being in high school as well.

“It was kinda hard, I didn’t really like my teachers as much,” said freshman Nicole Deyton. Deyton also shared she enjoys high school more than middle school cause it’s more of a different community. But, Deyton favors one thing about high school mostly “it’s lunch because I get to see my friends that I don’t get to see during the day,” said Deyton.