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Hairspray Announced as WHS Spring Musical

by Miranda Secula

You can’t stop the beat! Attention all Walkersville High School students: Hairspray is coming your way! If you enjoyed Footloose, you’ll love Hairspray. This musical is sure to be a hit.

This year drama teacher Heather McFadden decided to give a non-traditional announcing of the musical. She didn’t tell a soul until Tuesday, January 13th, when she announced it over the announcements for the whole school to hear.

Sophomore Cody Strange said “I screamed with excitement. It may even be better than Footloose.”

Sophomore Rachel Wilson said “I’m so excited. It’s going to be a really fun show to do.”

Senior Dino Vergura said “I knew it.”

As February 7th draws near, kids are starting to feel the audition vibe. For the first time ever, they’re on a Saturday and they’re all in one day.

Senior Hannah Hellmuth said “I feel like it’s going to be so much fun and we’re going to have a lot of talent come out to audition. I’m very excited.”

Junior Tessa Brubaker said “I’m excited. I’m happy it’s all in one day.”

Senior Hanna McWilliams said “I’m so flippin’ excited.”