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High School Students Enjoy Helping Young Kids at Walkersville Elementary School

by Shelby Williams

Becoming a Student Service Learner; “SSL” or “aide” is a popular class choice amongst all students at Walkersville. A select few take on the change and/or reality of aiding over at the neighboring Walkersville Elementary School.

“I love it because I love the kids and interacting with them,” said Brooke Shortt.

Going over to the Elementary school you have the option to work with a variety of teachers and students, any grade, or any special; gym, art, music, or the library. Working with younger kids prepares you for the real life of teaching, many teachers are taken for granted as well as aiding, but you have a bigger responsibility.

“I do notecards with my kindergarten class which are for vocabulary; some are learning from a curriculum that is a grade higher. I read with them on a daily basis too, and knowing I’m helping them improve and further their knowledge is completely gratifying,” said Elizabeth Peifer.

You’re faced with the challenge of dealing with different personalities… and behaviors. These kids look up to you as a role model and you have the job of making sure they succeed. The kids you meet and the faces you see every day you will grow to love, the day you have to say goodbye to them will be upsetting for both parties.

Let’s say trudging through the snow and walking through the rain was worth putting a smile on all their faces.