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Intro to Theater Class Performs a Terrific High School Musical

by Becky Brown

Last night the Intro to Theatre class performed their second class production, High School Musical.

The students hard work and dedication definitely paid off in this heart-warming and fun musical that people know and love.

Megan Goins who played the leading female, Gabriella Montez, wowed the audience with her strong vocals. Not only does she look the role, but she can sing it too! Her duets with Kyle Secula (Troy Bolten) were some of the strongest parts of the entire musical. Both proved themselves to be able to carry such distinctive roles.

Other featured characters were Jordan Ward as Chad Danforth, and Will Anderson as Ryan Evans. The sophomore and freshman stole the show with their interpretations as the funny sidekicks. While they made the characters their own, they still stayed true to the things we all know and love.

Sophomore Megan Mcgee said “It made me laugh so much! It was so good!”

Sophomore Olivia Ruth said “It was amazing. Will stole the show!”

Sophomore Cody Strange said “It blew my socks off!”

Jordan Ward, who was in the show, said “I loved it! It was life changing and a great experience. I’ll never forget it.”

Senior Sarah McDonald said “Some part were really funny and I had a good time.”

Senior Demi Colbert said “It was brilliant.”

The student directors, seniors Hanna McWilliams, Miranda Secula, Annie Moreno, and Emily Goins have been putting most of their time and effort into making the production a success. While all being involved in other shows, they have managed to split up their already busy schedules, and create something they are all truly proud of.

McWilliams said “I’m so proud of them. They put so much work into the show and it really paid off.”

I can honestly say that this was a show worth seeing. Everyone involved put in 100% of their effort, and it all paid off.