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ITS Festival Allows Actors to Drop Through the Decades and Perform

by Mollie Green

International Thespian Society Festival is a great event for a bunch of thespians around the state to gather together and do what they love.

The theme of the International Thespian Society (ITS) was “Drop Through The Decades.” ITS is where you compete and watch other people’s performances with multiple workshops. There are small one act shows that schools pick at random to perform that fits the categories required.

Emily Goins was an STO at ITS which is a State Thespian Officer so she basically helped run the festival. Goins mentioned “students have the chance to perform individual events in front of judges and receive scholarships from it.”

I interviewed other thespians from Walkersville who participate in ITS. Dino Vergura, who is a senior, said, “I loved it. It was an awesome experience meeting actors from different schools around the state.”

Sophomore Cody Strange said, “The workshops that involved dancing allowed me to express my true passion.”

Sophomore Rachel Wilson then joined in and said, “It’s a really good learning experience because you get to learn different techniques and skills that you can use later.”

If you are interested in theater and being an actor/actress, the ITS festival is a way to expand your theatrical abilities and become involved in the thespian community.