features - Kerri Rice
Kerri Rice Supports Students of WHS In Many Ways

by Tori Caulfield

When a student is in any type of trouble and needs immediate assistance, having a person who’s always there to help is definitely a positive factor in holding our school together. Kerri Rice, the school support counselor, talks about her love for her great yet stressful at times job.

“I love working with the kids, knowing that I’m going to be helping at least one student graduate and be successful is a good feeling, “ said Rice. Rice also shared she has currently been working at Walkersville High School for six years now and loves everything about her job. “Having the ability to connect with students on a personal level is one of the greatest feelings,” Rice also shared.

Rice goes above and beyond for her students whether it’s a problem outside of school, in school, or just needing someone to be there for them. Taking a student to a doctor appointment, or even dealing with their family emergencies she is always there to help. “Sometimes I can take the role of a parent to some students if they don’t have that kind of support at home,” said Rice.

Many people do believe that a teacher doesn’t help out with their students for outside of school issues; but Rice is always on call for her students and there if they need her. “I do a lot more than one would ever think for my students,” said Rice.

WHS is very lucky to have someone of such good character and one who is so caring of all of our students.