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The Pleasures and Pains of Watching a Ravens NFL Game

by Hanna Houck

Going to a professional football game is a completly different experience than your Friday night high school football game.

This Sunday I went to the Baltimore Ravens versus Cleveland Browns game (I’m a Ravens fan). It was a huge game for the Ravens because it was not only the last game of the regular season, it was the game that determined if they would go to the play offs or not.

When going to a football game, one typically thinks of tailgating, chanting cheers, and eating cocession stand food.

The real football experience starts off with the task of finding a parking space. Parking prices range from $20 to $50, increasing as your proximity to the stadium increases.

Once you conquer that task you are on to the next step; gate entry and bag check. Because of the many admission lines, it usually flows pretty smoothly.

Sorry ladies, but if you plan on bringing in your new Kate Spade over the shoulder bag, you’re out of luck. Most stadiums have a “Hand Rule”; if the bag is bigger than your hand you must check it or chuck it.

Next you must locate your seats. The typical football stadium has around 70,000 seats, which means you have a lot of seats to mistake for your own. If you are having trouble finding your seats, the stadium personnel are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Finally. You’re in your seats(hopefully an hour before the game starts). Now is the time to go and indulge in all the overpriced stadium junk food your stomach can manage; I suggest the hot dogs.

If your tummy is full and you are comfortable in your seats, you are in prime football watching position; that is if you don’t have rude spectators around you.

Most fans are just like you; they are just there to enjoy the game and cheer their team on. Some fans get a little out of hand. Trash-talking, tall-hat-wearing, and debby downer fans can make the experience less than enjoyable.

Even if your seatmates are a little rude, you can still put that aside and watch some quality football.

Participating in the stadium-wide cheers is an awesome way to get your team pumped(and possibly lose your voice).

Whether or not you team wins, a professional football game experience is one that everyone should have at some point.