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A Valentine’s Day How To for the Clueless

by Hanna Houck

This is it, gentlemen: this Saturday is Valentine’s Day! While it may be a useless holiday in your eyes, us girls actually like the candy hearts and roses. In case you are in the percentage of guys that are unsure of how to make a perfect day for your valentine, I have created a “Valentine’s Day how-to” to ease your minds.

The Gift:

-“The Chick-Fil-A heart would be an awesome gift,” said Annie Marker. The heart box includes four chicken biscuits that can be purchased for $9. Warm your chick’s heart with chicken.

-“The giant 40 inch teddy bear is so cute,” said Victoria McFadden. These plus size plush bears range from $40 to $100 depending on how large you want them. They can be purchased at almost every retailer.

-“The classic chocolate covered strawberries,” said Justine Wantz when asked what she wanted her boyfriend to buy her. You can purchase fresh chocolate covered strawberries from most florists or bakeries in the area. The average price for an order is around $50.

-Flowers. This is probably the most essential aspect of the gift. You (should) know what your girl prefers in her flowers, whether it is tulips, daisies, or roses. You can purchase a bouquet at any grocery store or florist.

-”I like getting jewelry on Valentine’s Day,” said Tori Caulfield. You don’t have to pay a pricey penny for a dazzling diamond. The Alex and Ani or Pandora bracelets are in style, under $100, and a perfect match to any outfit.

The Date:

We are in high school. No girl expects an outrageously expensive night on the town. There is inexpensive ways to have fun.


-Downtown  Date: We are lucky to have such a beautiful city with many restaurants and shops in our area. Most restaurants are offering Valentine’s day specials, but I recommend getting a reservation if possible.

-Movie Date: If you and your date of more of a movie couple there is a variety of movies coming out this weekend. You can dine at any one of the restaurants surrounding the theatre then enjoy your movie.

-Stay in: Wow your date with your superb cooking skills or if they are non-existent, order take out! Pop in a movie and just enjoy your night without any expenses.

-Hiking: If it’s not too cold, lace up your hiking boots, pack a lunch, and experience the beauty of Frederick county with the beauty in your life ;)

Valentine’s Day is one of the happiest days of the year; make it special and enjoy it with the ones you love whether or not you are in a relationship.