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Brian Williams Suspended for Six Months – Can He Be Trusted?

by Madison Cooper

“Most trusted name in nightly news”– well not anymore for news anchor Brian Williams. Things seem to be crumbling fast for Williams as he is now under a six month suspension because of many allegations circulating around his past stories.

Caught up in a web of lies dating back to the early 2000’s when Williams claimed that “the helicopter he was in was shot down by RPG fire during Israel’s war with the militant group Hezbollah in 2006”(, but now soldiers present that day are speaking out that the story is false.

This one story was the spark that made everyone question Brian Williams and how honest he really is. Further investigation is bringing more stories into account such as in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina where Williams claims to have “seen a dead body float passed his hotel window”( He also claims that his hotel was overrun with gangs and during his stay he had caught dysentery from drinking floodwater.

However you may feel about Brian Williams, he did apologize and own up to his mistakes during a broadcast of NBC’s Nightly News earlier this week, but the true test is if the people will accept his apology.

I asked a few Walkersville students and teachers what they thought about his apology and actions and this is what they had to say about it.

“No, why would you trust somebody who lied to millions of people?” says Chanda Kaunda, a sophomore at WHS.

Sophomore Bailey Coop also had the same mindset about the incident as she says “that’s not really smart because he should have known he couldn’t keep this lie up forever without getting caught.”

While some are losing faith in the once popular news anchor, and network for that matter, others like Katherine Grube, a spanish teacher at WHS are looking towards a more hopeful side, “Yes what he did was irresponsible, but I wouldn’t stop watching that news station.”

However you feel about Brian Williams, as a journalist you’re number one priority is to get the stories out to the people, but you also must do so with honor and integrity. And if you don’t have that ladies and gentlemen, what do you have?