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Burger King or McDonalds — Which Fast Food Do WHS Students Prefer?

by Alexis Vasquez

Fast food companies have competed for years. McDonald’s and Burger King are classic examples of fast food chains.. But which one do WHS students and staff prefer?

The menus are fairly similar. Both feature burgers, fries, and nuggets, classics of fast food menus.

Sophomore  Hellen Parada said, “Burger King has more variety in burgers than McDonald’s.”

Chanda Kaunda stated, “McDonald’s has better fries.  McDonald’s fries are more crunchy and fresh compared to Burger King’s fries.”

After asking Teri Lee for her opinion on these restaurants she said, “McDonald’s tastes weird compared to Burger King.”

Mya Wiley’s said, “McDonalds is just gross”

After hearing peoples opinions, it isn’t a surprise they prefer Burger King more.