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California Tortilla Is Renovated and Better Than Ever

by Shamus Beck

In the past few years the Frederick- Walkersville area has sprouted some big time Mexican restaurants and the first of which was California Tortilla. Since then, it’s been renovated and it’s back and stronger than ever.

Located at 1700 Kingfisher Drive, “Caltort” as it has become to be known by its usuals is always entertaining and refreshing. When you first walk in the walls are covered in greens, reds, and oranges. Then your eyes are instantly drawn to the “wall of flame” which is where all of their serve-yourself hot sauces are located.

You walk up to the cash register to place your order and see the extensive amount of options they offer. Between tacos, burritos, salads, all of the sides including chips and queso, and the many desserts you’re offered as well.

After you order you can look over they employees making your order and seeing it all be put together. Then when it’s complete you get your order number yelled out across the seating area and have to get up to get it.

Now they gave the Walkersville High School journalism class a free sample for their reopening in hopes of the word being spread about how good they were. I think they succeeded with that and more. They gave us multiple types of burritos, some salad, and a large bag of chips. Overall it was a success that every student in that class enjoyed thoroughly.