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Memories of Early Childhood, Realities of Today — WHS Reflects

by Alec Parker

In conducting several interviews with high school students from Walkersville High School this past week, the following information was compiled to the human nature of one’s personal experiences, ranging from memories of early childhood – ‘the then’ – to today – ‘the now’. These students’ responses help show how their own feelings and ideas have changed over the years.

The questions that I asked during the interviews were: in what ways have you changed physically, mentally, and socially?

The second question was, since first grade has the world changed the way you see it?

The final question was, have your ideas about your career changed since first grade?

Kamryn Dudley said “I got taller” to the first question. To the second, she answered, “No the world has not changed.” To the final question she said that she “anted to be a vet in first grade however, now she wants to be a dentist.”

Ethan Welty responded to the first question with “older, smarter, more responsible, and more disciplined.” Then I asked him if the world has change in his eyes since first grade and he said, “Yes, because I’m older and now I see the world as it is.” Finally I asked him the last question and his response was that he “didn’t know what he wanted to be in first grade, but now he wants to be in business.”

Caitlyn Humbertson said  “I’m older and more responsible.” When asked if the world has changed in her eyes she said, “Yes, because the mind of a 10th grader is not the same as a 1st grader, therefore the world is different to me.” The final question I asked about her career from when she was in first grade and when she was 10th grade and she replied,  “I wanted be a singer/actress as first grader, but now I want to be a nurse.”

TJ Metcalfe was next up, and when I asked him how he changed he said, “I’m smarter, more mature and I have a new clothing style.” After I asked the second question he took a long time and sarcastically answered with “No comment.” The third question about his career was awkward, because as a first grader he said he wanted to be “Britney Spears” and now he wants to be “an engineer in the Navy.”

The final interviewee and the most stylish was math teacher Mark Widmeyer. I asked him about how he changed since first grade and with a resounding answer “I got taller, my handwriting got better, I have grown a beard, I eat all different types of food, and my vision got worse.” Mr.Widmeyer, according to the second question he feels like “the world is a scary place.” I asked what he wanted to be as a first grader and replied with “I wanted to be either a astronaut, paleontologist, or a marine biologist.” Now, he said, “I would love to be an astronaut, but a teacher is pretty cool.”

A lot of people have changed in their own ways and the experiences they have had shape their outlook on the world.