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WHS Wins Medals at Science Olympiad Held at National Cathedral

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by Tanner Seymour

What is more rewarding than seeing our students achieve academic excellence? Science Olympiad is one way that showcases the application of knowledge in our students.

For those of us who are not familiar with Science Olympiad, it is a competition that promotes students’ knowledge about any and all aspects of science.

Students are asked to answer questions and solve problems in biology, engineering, chemistry, earth sciences, and other STEM topics. Walkersville High School’s Science Olympiad team had just won two gold medals and a bronze medal.

Annie Marker and Emily Burnett received their gold medals from a challenge called “It’s About Time”. Junior Annie Marker explains, “You have to be able to tell time without using a watch. By using a spring and careful calibration, we were able to find the time.” This definitely is a remarkable feet, especially when most of us would be trying to look at the sun to conjure up a crude estimation of the actual time.

When asked why she does Science Olympiad, Annie Marker says that, “It is a really fun way to apply my knowledge.” It really must be rewarding to hear any student say that she loves to apply what she learns.

Sophomore Brandon Gardner, the winner of the bronze medal in the “Bridge Building” challenge, replies when he is asked why he competes, “It showcases my ability and my passion for civil engineering, and it’s an opportunity to show off to other schools and learn from them as well.”

When asked what the team is preparing for, physics teacher Von Mosser shares that, “In two weeks on Saturday [February 21st] we are going to the University of Maryland for the Central Maryland Regionals, and we will be going up against 43 other teams.” Good luck to all of you, and thank you for sharing your collective knowledge with us, and all the while making our county a smarter, more academically based community.