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Should Genetically Modified Foods Be Allowed In This Country?

by Justin Miller

It appears one of the renowned scientists of the world has gone to the dark side. Bill Nye is now in favor of Genetically Modified Foods.

His original stance was that “we should stop introducing genes from one species to another… we just can’t know what will happen,” as he wrote in his book Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation.

But in a recent viral video, he has stated that after spending time with scientists from Monsanto’s, he is going to revise that part of his book, stating that he is “in love.”

Recent studies have found that interfering with the natural genetics of species can have devastating effects on the environment. Founder and director of Monarch Watch, which is a program designed to track Monarch Butterfly populations, explains how genetically modified corn has caused a sharp decline in butterfly numbers, “increased planting of genetically modified corn in the U.S. Midwest… has led to greater use of herbicides, which in turn kills the milkweed that is a prime food source for the butterflies.” This was documented in March of 2013 (http://e360.yale.edu/feature/tracking_the_causes_of_sharp__decline_of_the_monarch_butterfly/2634/)

An Article from the University of Minnesota explains that GMOs not only can have negative consequences on the environment, but GM foods also have the potential to have negative and potentially fatal effects on human beings. “Health effects of primary concern to safety assessors are production of new allergens, increased toxicity, decreased nutrition, and antibiotic resistance.” (http://enhs.umn.edu/current/5103/gm/harmful.html)

Bill Nye has not released exactly why he has been turned around on his stance on GMOs, but at this point in time, it is obvious that GMOs should not be introduced into the environment.