The 1990’s Was the Golden Age of Rap and Hip Hop

by Wolfgang Sonne

The 1990’s was the golden age of rap and hip hop music. The 90’s paved the way for the current day rap artists. Many of the rappers from the 90’s are looked upon as the best of the genre.

In my opinion the best from the 90’s and the best to ever do it was 2Pac. I think this because he combined his flow and lyrics to make something more than just rap; his lyrics meant something; it was poetry. He rapped about real problems, and struggles.

The first person that I interviewed was sophomore Ben Francis. I asked him who he believed to be the best rapper of the era he said, “Other than Kendrick, J Cole, Gambino, and Kanye modern rap doesn’t compare to 90’s rap. I wish we had music like that today. For example 2Pac and Biggie Smalls talked about real problems, struggles, and real things. Other than drugs, money and women like artists do today.”

The next person that I spoke to was Jaxon Harris (a sophomore). He answered with, “Nas, because he had the best lyrics, and was by far the best storytelling rapper.”

Finally I talked to senior Devaughn Williams; he answered my question by saying, “Biggie Smalls, because everything that he said was real. And he was always talking about ‘Me against the world’. And that’s what I’m all about.”

Everyone has their own opinion on a subject that can’t be determined by statistics. But something everyone who likes rap can agree on is that these rappers will go down as legends.