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Zoos the Wrong Place for Wild Animals

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by Tanner Seymour

Most people have been to a zoo at least once in their lives. Childhood memories of ice cream and hot summer days walking around with mom and dad, looking at the different animals that these zoos were able to collect. There are, however, many who see zoos as places where animals, some of which are endangered, are mistreated.

To find out what our own WHS thinks about zoos, I interviewed a portion of WHS students.

Senior Tanner Green says that zoos are “really great. As long as people are able to see them, I’m happy.”

There are obvious differences in opinions with some WHS students. For example, senior Anmol Tewari shared that, “They are cool to go to and all, but I’ve seen a lot of zoos that keep the animals in terrible conditions. There are a lot of ideas where the people should be the ones in cages and they take them on a safari expedition. There are some zoos that legitimately take good care of the animals, but a lot of zoos are just crappy. You can’t keep a polar bear on a cement floor, and you can’t keep a monkey in a cage, it doesn’t work like that.”

When asked what his feelings were on the humanity of zoos, senior Carlos Pimentel explains, “I’ve never been to one because I’m against paying to see animals”.

I then asked if it was ok if and only if the animals were kept in a humane and appropriate habitat, which he answers, “I think the animals should have the right to be wild. I do think if they are kept there for a purpose, such as they are kept there for their own good and the benefit of mankind then it’s ok. But if there is testing being done on them, no it shouldn’t be done.”

I feel that as long as each animal is treated respectably and is given the proper habitat and enjoyment that it would receive in the wild, then a zoo is a humane learning center that can be used to inspire young and old alike. If there is no teaching involved with a zoo, I fail to see the purpose of the animals being there. Why remove these creatures from their natural habitat and waste all these resources in taking care of them if we do not utilize them being close to the general public?

As long as the animals are healthy, happy, and actively teaching the public, zoos are a great tool for us and should be enjoyed for years to come.