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21 Year Old Jordan Spieth Wins the Masters

by Wolfgang Sonne

On Sunday April 12th, 21 year old golfer Jordan Spieth won the 2015 Masters Championship. This event is by far considered the most competitive and difficult golf tournament in the world.

Fifty of the world’s best golfers make the cut for this tournament; that’s why it is considered the most prestigious. This years major was considered to be considered quite the interesting event. With Tiger Woods making the cut a lot of controversy was brought along with it.

Many people dislike Tiger because of his horrible history and background. Tiger has previously dominated the Masters, but this year it was not to be. With all of the negativity surrounding Tiger he was outshined by 21 year old phenomenon Jordan Spieth.

Spieth in my opinion has been the hottest golfer of the past year. In last years Masters tournament Spieth was runner up to winner Bubba Watson. I believe that Spieth has a chance to become the next Tiger Woods in his prime.

In his prime Tiger was flat out dominant, by far the most feared and intimidating man on the course. The ongoing problem with Tiger that leads a lot of people to dislike him is his arrogance. Woods is known for his horrible sportsmanship; he has always been seen cursing, spitting, and slamming his golf clubs.

I can only hope that Jordan Spieth does not go down the same path as Tiger. He has such a young promising career ahead of him, he’s full of potential. It definitely will be interesting to see where the 21 year old phenom goes on the PGA Tour.