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Do Your Research Before and During Your College Visit

by Hanna Houck

Attention all juniors! Your senior year is quickly approaching. With senior year comes the task of choosing the college where you will spend the next 4-6 years of your life.

Visiting colleges allows you to see first hand what the college has to offer you. College visits should not be blown off; you don’t want to get stuck at a college you are not 100% in love with.

To visit a college you can contact the admissions office through the college’s website, email, or phone to make an appointment and get details. Some colleges have special visit days that host organized campus tours and information sessions.

Beforehand you should make a list of questions that you want to ask faculty and students, such as ‘What’s it like to live here?’, ‘Why did you choose this college?’, ‘What you do in your free time while on campus?’, and ‘What do you love about this college?’.

While on your tour you should visit key places like the dorms, fitness center, library, career center, bookstore, and the dining hall. You will be spending plenty of time in these places so you have to decide whether or not you can see yourself there, especially the dining hall. (Food is a selling point for most students

If you have an idea about what you want to major in, go and visit the academic building that house the required courses for your major. Some colleges will allow you to sit in on classes and listen to lectures. Talk to professors and get the feel for how this college teachers your major.

Safety is a huge factor in your choice of college. While on tour, ask your guide how the school implements safety policies and look into the history of on-campus incidents.

While your emotional happiness is a large indicator on whether or not you will attend the school, the happiness of your parents’ checkbook or your’s is one as well. See how much financial aid the school would be willing to give you.
Walkersville High School Assistant Principal, Jason Lininger says “When on a visit you need to find out where the majority of the classes for your major will be, the type of student resources they have available, their policies on technology and wifi capabilities, what kinds of student organizations they have, the type of residence halls and their policies, and lastly how their greek life is.”