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Favorite Musical Instruments of WHS Students and Staff

by TJ Hartman

For all of human civilization, there has been the enjoyment of music since time began. Music has evolved to become what it is today. The music has been fused, blended, and combined to make different and unique sounds.

Several instruments that are still used are drum sets, electric six string guitars, electric twelve string guitars, acoustic twelve string guitars, and acoustic six string guitars. There are banjos and sitars as well and also didgeridoos and lutes, even lyres and harps. Though not all of these musical instruments are still widely used, you cannot prove that any musical instrument is not used at all currently.

I interviewed some people and there were a few who preferred piano, some preferred drum sets, and some classical guitar.

Student Richard Putnam says he likes, “the sound of the classical guitar”

Dylan Funk says “I like the drums because I used to play them”.

Guidance counselor Geri Beth Chavez, Madison Silver, and Cora Nash all love piano because they “love the sound”.

Custodian, Phil Bitner “likes the sound of the Gibson electric guitar.”