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FFA Boasts Fabulous Plants for Sale From Their Greenhouse

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by Justin Miller


A beautiful array of flowers, bedding plants, herbs and vegetables are being sold right here at Walkersville High School for the annual FFA Plant Sale.


The plants are being sold in hopes of raising funds for FFA, “[Our goal is] to raise enough money to pay for the FFA activities,” states Greg Stull, the FFA advisor; this is his fourth plant sale.


“It started before I was here; most schools with a horticulture program do [plant sales],”Stull explains. “…we get return customers because we grow almost everything we sell.”


The FFA club began planting the different perennials in late January and began selling them on April 25th.


Some of the plants they are selling are flowers, tomatoes, herbs of all kinds, and small patio plants. The prices can range anywhere from five to thirty dollars for these stunning arrangements.
So help out your school and buy some local plants at WHS every Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm; the sale will last until May 23rd.