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Insurgent a Good Second Film in the Divergent Trilogy

by Jon Shorrow

Insurgent is the second installment of the Divergent series and follows a teenager named Tris through a war torn dystopian society.

The movie starts off where Divergent left off and follows Tris and Four through their efforts of trying to hide from Jeanine and the Erudite faction.

As this is happening, The Erudites find a box that holds the fate of the entire faction system but only a divergent may open it. This causes problems which sets up the entire movie. They will have to find the right divergent to open this box.

Tris and Four are assaulted by Erudites in vehicles and narrowly make an escape to find out they need to stop the Erudites before its too late.

I would suggest to go see this movie even if you haven’t read the books but I would strongly recommend that you watch the first movie before this one or you will be left in the dark for 95% of the plot. If you have read the books I would still recommend watch the first movie but it isn’t needed.

I would have to rate this movie an 8/10 because it’s a good movie with a lot of good action and quality settings and skilled actors, but the action scenes are way too predictable amidst all the special effects. The fact that the movie relies heavily on the first movie for every aspect of the plot and not explaining anything from the other movie loses some points.