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Tragedy Strikes a Maryland Family

by Alexis Vasquez

Tragedy struck a Maryland family on April 6th, 2015, when authorities found the dead bodies of a father, Rodney Todd, and his 7 children. This terrible and fatal accident happened in Princess Anne, Maryland.

The family died because of a generator in the home. The generator produced carbon monoxide and killed them in their sleep. “The father had bought a generator to keep the family warm after power to the home was cut because of an outstanding bill” ( A person can infer that this was a cheaper way to keep power than to pay for a constant bill.

The first person contacted about this incident was Rodney Todd’s mother. Bonnie Edwards said that he “did the best he could to provide for his family. There wasn’t nothing that he wouldn’t do for his family. Nothing.” ( This man wanted to do right for his kids. He won custody of them for a reason, and he wasn’t going to do them wrong.

He was better fit to take care of his kids than their mother. Unfortunately, she abandoned the children after their divorce. She never visited them or helped with money in the two years following.

The deaths of these children and their father are truly tragic. “He just wanted to keep his family warm” ( He did everything he could for them even when he didn’t have enough money to actually support them.