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Who Will Go In the Top Five of the NFL Draft?

by Sam Newman

With the NFL Draft weeks away it is now time to make our own mock draft. I will do the first five picks in the draft and will give a brief explanation of why each team will make this pick.

Trades always happen early on in the drafts and are hard to predict. I will not show those but will say what might happen if they were to trade the pick.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1)

Jameis Winston QB FSU

Winston is considered the most NFL ready QB prospect this year. His off field problems are concerning for some teams but his talent at this position overshadows them. The Bucs have fallen in love with Winston and many think he will be drafted first. There are rumors going around that Bucs have told Winston that they are drafting him first unless another issue comes out.

Tennessee Titans (2)

Leonard Williams DT USC

– He is considered the most talented defensive prospect in this draft. He is also one of the only prospects team can’t pass on. The Titans will most likely not take Marcus Mariota. He doesn’t fit their scheme very well. Drafting Williams will make Tennessee’s d-line scary. If the Titans were to pass on Williams they will most likely trade back and get more draft picks and possibly a QB.

Jacksonville Jaguars (3)

Dante Fowler DE/OLB Florida

-The Jaguars need a lot to help them improve. Something that will help them improve on the defensive side is drafting one of the best edge rushers in the draft, Fowler. If the Jags don’t draft Fowler they could trade back and give a team their shot at drafting Mariota. Doing this would help them gain draft picks and they could take a decent edge rusher later on in the round .like Bud Dupree or Shane Ray.

Oakland Raiders (4)

Amari Cooper WR Alabama

-The Raiders need to draft a receiver this year for the sake of Derek Carr. Cooper is the best receiver in the draft, in my opinion. The Raiders absolutely need a WR so if they don’t take Cooper or Kevin White they will also be in a good position to trade down. This draft class is stacked with WR’s so if they trade down they could still draft a receiver in the late first to early second round who would be a mediocre WR1 or a good WR2.

Washington Redskins (5)

Vic Beasley OLB Clemson

-The Redskins will take Beasley unless Mariota is still on the board. If he is still on the board the Redskins would trade down to get draft picks. If he is not on the board they will take Beasley for two reasons. The first reason is to replace Brian Orakpo who they lost to the Titans in free agency. The second reason is that he fits their scheme very well and would be dangerous matched up with Ryan Kerrigan.

Trades are definitely going to occur in the first five picks of the draft but if they don’t this is who each team will take.