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Sophomore Ben Francis Releases His First Mixtape, Ghost Stories

by Wolfgang Sonne

On April 19th, 2015 local Walkersville rapper Ben Francis released his first mixtape. The mixtape which is labeled “Ghost Stories” features 11 songs that are all written and performed by Ben, who goes by his rap name Casper.

Ben is a 16 year old sophomore at Walkersville High School who is chasing his dream to make it big in the rap game. When I asked Ben if it was always a vision for him to be an entertainer he responded with, “I’ve always wanted to be in the entertainment business. I love film and that side of everything too, but music always called to me and it’s something that I could go to no matter what mood I am in.”

As a huge fan of rap and hip hop I personally love the tracks that are on Ghost Stories. Ben and his crew combine so many styles that are appealing to an avid fan like me. The thing that I love the most about his music is the reality about the life he lives. Ben doesn’t pretend to be anybody in his music; he simply rhymes about his real life as a normal high school student from a small town.

This leads me into my next question, I asked Ben what all his lyrics mean, and what message he portrays to all his fans. He responded with, “when I write, I think of things in my life. I try to portray and put into perspective something that people can relate to. I want people to enjoy it. These days, rap is all about drugs and money and I just wanna make music that means something.”

When I asked people about what they thought about the mixtape sophomore Jaxon Harris told me: “I think Ben has tons of potential, and he showed that in his first production. He had an array of styles in just one mixtape, and in the end it all fit together perfectly. He’s a great rapper. I think if he stays serious he could be really good.”

My personal belief is that Ben has a great future with his music. If he stays focused and concentrated he could go a long way with his ability. Ben told me that he is writing up his next production and that it should be out soon.

The last thing that Ben spoke to me about was how he deals with adversity. He told me, “honestly I love when people say bad things, I don’t care if people want to hate on me. I put my music out for me and other people who actually appreciate it. It makes me better”.
It will definitely be interesting to see what Ben can do in the future with his upcoming music. He has a lot of talent and still a lot potential. I think that everyone should be supporting Ben on his journey and encourage him to keep chasing his dream.