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British Royal Family Welcomes New Baby Princess

by Kaitlyn Culpepper

The Duchess of Cambridge fulfilled the hopes of Prince Charles, many people of Britain, and royal enthusiasts from all over when she delivered a baby girl this weekend.

The princess, William and Kate’s second child, was born the morning of May the 2nd at St. Mary’s Hospital in central London, weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces (or 3.7 kilograms,) according to officials.

Her arrival was met with cheers and plenty of attention from the media, but reporters may not be addressing the princess by name for a few more days, as it has not yet been announced.

All of the most popular guesses for the baby’s name had indeed been for girls; from the favorites Charlotte and Alice, to Victoria, Elizabeth, and Diana.

Kate delivered just three hours after checking into the hospital on Saturday, with William present for the birth. Big brother Prince George was brought to the hospital to meet the new addition to his royal family that very afternoon.

The Queen’s pink ensemble marked the occasion as she carried out an engagement in North Yorkshire, and a traditional bulletin announcing the news was on gilded easel in front of Buckingham Palace, in accordance with tradition dating back to 1837.

The news also had to be proclaimed over social media, of course, and quickly received tens of thousands of retweets and favorites.

The precious princess is fourth in line to the throne and thanks to a recent change in law, will not be pushed down the line of succession by any future male siblings, although for centuries boys displaced their sisters in the order of inheritance preference.

A princess has not been born so close to the throne in England since the queen’s second child in 1950, Princess Anne.

In fact, this is the first girl born in the British royal family to take the title of princess in 25 years, and the first princess of Cambridge to be born in 182 years!

Prince Charles had been hoping for a granddaughter, and he and the Duchess of Cornwall said they were “absolutely delighted.” Seeing that little bundle of adorable royalty, aren’t you?

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