Juniors Excited to Become Seniors and “Rule the School”

by Sabrina Dirk

As the Senior Class of 2015 prepares for graduation and all of the festivities prepared, the Junior Class of 2016 anxiously awaits their time to call themselves the new seniors.

“I’m so excited to be able to say I’m the oldest in the school. It’ll be so cool to be a senior” said junior Allie Taylor.

Stephanie Salazar said, “I can’t wait. Senior week will be so exciting and I feel like seniors have way better privileges than the rest of the school.”

“I love the idea of being a senior. It comes with responsibility but it’ll be the best year yet,” said junior Kaitlyn Tokarz.

“I’m a little nervous for being a senior. Graduation this year is making it seem closer and it’s terrifying that high school is almost over even though I’m still excited” said Taylor.

Over all the juniors seem excited to accept the role of being a senior.