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Prom 2015 a Great Success at a New Venue

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by Sabrina Dirk

Prom 2015 was an official success as Walkersville High moved the location to a new local venue, Walkers Overlook.

Girls arrived in their beautiful array of colorful dresses while the boys matched perfectly to their dates. “It was such a beautiful night. Everybody looked stunning. The venue was amazing. It was easily the best prom I’ve ever been to,” said senior Amy Johnson.

“It was the best way to end my senior year. We took pictures at Baker Park and went to Dutchess Daughter for dinner. When we got to Walker’s Overlook I was shocked about how nice it was compared to previous years,” said senior Marisa Sadler.

Senior Patrick Cleveland said, “I was pleasantly surprised with the night. Usually I’ve never gotten excited for dances but it was a good time and we didn’t leave until late.”

Junior Emma Jozwiak said, “My group was huge. There were 28 people so it was tough getting everyone all together but it all worked or and I couldn’t have been happier with the night.”

Senior Jessica Shayuth said, “I was so excited that Jacob and Hanna won prom court. When they won I was cheering so loud. Their dance was adorable!”
A big thank you goes out to Gina Stelma for all of the great organization and the Junior Class Club! This year’s prom seems to have been the biggest success in years. Don’t miss next year, Juniors and Seniors!